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May. 23rd, 2005 | 07:25 pm
mood: amusedamused

Hawai'i rocks! in fact hawai'i LAVA rocks...wear water shoes, or your feet might get cut like Erin's did.

mmmm...jungly goodness. I thought I would dislike the hot tropical weather, but it was mad brilliant: with the humidity I didn't get burnt as easily as I do in California, despite the latitude. I actually have some sort of pigment that might resemble a tan! hmmm... temporary hawai'i relocation post-grad? "working" at a fluffy resort doing facial acupuncture while my Spleen recovers from burn-out? bring brendan my kayak fishin' buddy? either way, more jungles in store for me. looking forward to traveling in south east asia and south america (eventually) even more.

The psychedelic nature was superbly lush...orchids and plumeria. Saw many "lucky" geckos which were chartreuse, with yellow spots, red tear-drop markings,electric blue highlights around their eyes and suctiony toes. First time I saw one I thought a kid had left his toy outside...until it ran away. Caught little brown phroggies too. Swam with sea turtles! so cute! algea chomping big bottom lipped old-man-faced reptilian creatures. They liked to be pet, even though it is "not allowed". Snorkled with John Webb and saw more psychdelic fishies- like the huma huma nuka nuka -a puaa'a. Hawai'ian, like Turkish, is one language I have absolutley no interest in learning. only 13 letters in the in the hawai'ian alphabet, 8 consonants and 5 vowels. hey, who needs consonants when you can grunt? one vowely-ass language... hawaiian schmack works rather well though. Erin and I oo-ooh ah-aah ugha chaka'ed it up, with apple bannanas like proper hawai'ian monkeys.

The whole journey I just wanted to trip in the jungle, but the parental units wanted to go shopping. ugh!...@ a certain point in time it was the family vacation I never had. However, it was really satisfing to travel with my Mom, finally. The first time we have ever made a large journey, and now she is inspired to take care of her health problems so she can travel more.
The familyness was very heart warming: I henna-ed the bride and some brides maids, while Ingrid took photos. The wedding was very artistic, well directed...brides maids in teal dresses against the teal Hawai'ian waters. The bride and groom dancing on the lava rocks with the sunseting behind them, a fallen driftwood tree and tropical foilage all around. Can't wait to have pictures sent to me and posted. The preperation for the ceremony was inspirationaly chill (with rounds of kava! hooray for parasympathetic stimulating herbs), and the cermony itself moving. The beautiful bride cried and everyone sighed, but when the groom started crying nearly everyone there broke down. It was the first time I have ever gotten snively @ a wedding, but Colin is my (seroget) little brother after all.

hmmm...did other typical Hawai'iny stuff like a volcano view plane ride, stayed in a time share, hung out nekkid often, went to a Lua'au and ate ono! mmm...ono. Saw polynesian/hawai'in/samoan dancing and became aware how influenced burning man has been by the island cultcha': poi, fire dancing, spinning, eating etc.

Being on an island is very BLUE- blue sky, blue water, watery mellow people...it was the first tropical non-land locked experience I have had thus far. I dig it.

I have my ticket for China, and Tibet...which is frighteningly soon. June 6th.
well, back to being pummeled by finals. 2 down, 4 to go. Made a lot of typos-letter omissions this entry, but I'm a lazy schmmo that has finals. toodles

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meowzers >^..^

May. 9th, 2005 | 08:48 pm
mood: calmcalm
music: random live performances

Returning to live journal entries...travels commence again. This Thurs. I go to Hawaii with my Mommy, Erin, and Colin among other friends for Colin's wedding. woo-woo! It will be my first time in Hawaii. However, I will be postponing a Final for the journey...luckily I live in Santa Cruz, so no one minds postponement much.

After finals I go to the mind states conference- mindstates.org , get my remaining wisdom teeth yanked and the next Mon. - June 6th head for Hangzhou, China. I will be interning in the hospital, ten hour days, ten patients an hour! Weekend trips to ShangHai, surrounding islands, Huang Shan and more to be later detailed. I'll be meeting up with Miss Harmony and her honey Wila then traveling on to Lhasa, Tibet...with a group there for 2 weeks and then on my own with Miss (ducky) Alex for another 10 days or so...we may hit up Nepal or Bhutan as well. mmmm...life is delicious.

Fong_Argh says I should make an "Angi flag" and stick it in the ground where I travel. I just bring acupuncture needles and stick them in people instead. heh.

currently chillin' with fong and listening to a poetry reading.

My pappy came to visit from S.D. this Fri. on his way to Oregon to see the siblings. Gave me a ride to Davis...went to the whole earth festival with Hil - my friend since the 2nd grade. 17 years of friendship...crazy how parallel we are after all these years. It was fun to play with her 4 1/2 year old-so cute! he's not very good birth control. yes...if I weren't such a gypsy I too would give in to the nesting instinct. More countries to cover before seriously considering such preposterous endeavors.

Saw SeaBrook Leaf who rode back with me on the train: bits of drama @ the festival...but somehow avoided drama unscathed. Brook has offered to visit me in China... I lead a very strange life indeed.

I really should put some new pics up...

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Dec. 13th, 2004 | 10:48 pm
mood: quixoticquixotic
music: Ulrich Schnauss - Strangely Isolated place

studied drugs with friends all weekend (heee-heee), pharmacology exam soon.

Getting free fire- bellied toads from China next week...serendipitously they came into the pet store after I told Troy that I didn't want stinky bullfrogs.

rocked my herbs exam! and learned "Er Zhi Wan" = 2 magic formula, ie. formulas with only 2 herbs. Formulas make so much more sense than single herbs.

then I was so happy that I am almost done with school/finals etc. that I wrote a song (...well more like a zygote of a song) on the piano @ school. It's in A minor flat with a lot of 3's...very French sounding, makes me think of the movie Amelie, and riding a bike through cobble stone streets. quaint, cute, romantic, silly.

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"hurling" through space

Dec. 11th, 2004 | 05:26 am
mood: mellowexisting- being
music: Plaid - relics remix release

FridaY I had my points exam... on ALL the points. ggg...gghhh... sooooo many points. it was a little on the tricky side, but not bad.

Afterward, I went out to dinner with my friend troy (it was free holiday bonus dinner) @ a schmancey italian-french restuarant with paper on the tables and crayons! yeah drawing on the table and good wine! drew a crazy elf goddess creature, while listening to 2 music majors talk geeky about composition. Also found out that the cause of Parkinson's Disease is realted to injury on the cubital bone of the foot (usually @ an early age- has a lot to do with the psychology of Parkinson's patients: for more info. www.pdtreatment.com). Between too much cream sauce, too much wine, too many exams and other confounding variables I had to leave the dinner to hurl. Hurling is cool! I haven't hurled for...i dunno...years. well, hurling is only cool if you feel better afterwards, which I did..so it was. went to an art opening down the street but had to leave because drum and bass and nausea don't mix...not that d n' b really mixes with much (tee-hee ;) and.. in my nauseated state I was reminded that i'm kinda of tired of being in santa cruz...but I am here for awhile with the program I am in. Hmmm... not to complain, there are many amazing things I love about the bay area, and I am glad to be here...much prefer the flavor to that of southern Ca.; the real dissatisfaction stems from a yearning to find a place to plant my roots...a place where I want to live...and Ca. is not it. Most of my family has left Ca. and being an acupuncturist it isn't the wisest place to settle. hmmm...where to go? portland? NY? if we have Bush part III- i.e. some member of his mafia, I am so outta the U.S. ...and I 'll bring everyone I can with me.

Anyhow...went to get soup this morning and met the coolest woman. another elfin creature... she lives "off the grid", on solar power in a dome, in Soquel (south Santa Cruz). She is part of a band Tran-zen-dance that makes world/electronic music. she also makes her own clothes, adorned in an purple/black/grey sculpted patchwork elfin hoodie design of her's...planning on working out a acu-clothing trade. we discussed similar near future travel plans - Tibet Vancouver Baja, and had the same shoes. indeed our paths are very aligned.

right, so then I returned some stuff to Troy @ his job (a pet store), and was almost schisted into buying a bullfrog tadpole. What I really wanted was a treefrog, so I didn't do it. bought some new wooden plugs for my earholes because they 're getting too stretchy for the size I was @ and wood is better from a Asian Medicine perspective for my wood deficient metal excess constitution. I also got my septum pierced! I've been hankering to have another sharp object shoved in my face for awhile now, particularly on the ren channel (which runs up the anterior of the body). I speculate that by piercing it and opening it up it will reduce the redness of my face (really I need to fix my coccyx to correct it completely, but that is going to take a few years, and this a quick fix). The other option was a le'bret piercing, but I think I'd play with it too much... plus I can hide a septum piercing when I want to. The piercer was cool (with the biggest frog d*mn plugs I ever seen 2 1/4 inches!), and I am sure I will use him as a part of the research I want to do on a book I will write post graduation about piercing and acupuncture: understanding the physiology/psychobiology, via the acupuncture points that piercings correspond to and tie in tribal myths/rituals to the significance. Basically it is all various forms of self healing.

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Dec. 10th, 2004 | 12:41 pm

I woke to find I was still dreaming
Looking @ myself from an infinite vantage point
In a garden of repose, surrounded by a flock of my actions

I awoke…finding myself still sleeping
Thinking a bramble of "know"tions
grasping at the wind
Until I bowed and greeted my own breath

A great silence has fallen over me
And I wonder why I ever used language

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cosmik existence...

Dec. 9th, 2004 | 04:33 pm
mood: touchedtouched

what an epic day...
while studying last night I was listening to the internet radio station dublab...which plays dub (right?) and bob dylan came on. as you could imagine I was taken a back for a moment...'bob dylan? where's my gitchy melodic idm-dub- ambient yumminess?'. The track was "Mr. Jones", which of course reminded me of Dahi - the dr. I interned with - because he was Bob Dylan's Dr. on the road for 10 plus years. When I first started interning with him he asked me what I thought of Bob Dylan and said something like," I think he is an amazing being...that probably has some liver problems and seems pretty depressed." He chuckled because I was right, and began to yodel that song of his 'Mr. Jones', I joined in...and it became a running joke for awhile.

so...short story long, I called Dahi due to this oddity. Dahi always knows how to make a person feel good. It was cool to chat about acupuncture stuff...i can tell he is happy about how I am coming along in my healing/healer process. He said he'll be in town soon because his son is going to UCSC for physics. Then he mentioned (to my surprise) Natasha hadn't gone into labor yet and the treatment she had was limited... Basically she chose the wrong Dr. Instead of going to Sharon who is an OBGYN M.D./ Acupuncturist (where she would have had 5 + students standing over her) she went to someone who had never dealt with pre-natal conditions (but had no students): she only massaged Spleen 6!

So I called Natasha to make sure she was ok, and she asked me to come over and give her a treatment to induce labor or else her parents were going to demand that she go to the hospital to have labor induced chemically. Her heart is set on having a home delivery with her midwives, and I know how do it, so how could I deny helping? I was so stoked to help! everything seemed so divine...she is super hard to get a hold of. How could I know she was going into labor unless I had run into her in the halls @ school? How could I know she hadn't gone into labor unless Dylan had randomly come on the radio? How could I have the confidence that my treatment would be effective unless I had talked to Dahi about it first? I felt like I had no choice in helping her...like it was predetermined...necessary. And the more "i" give people treatments the more I realize I don't do anything. The person heals them self, I just stick some needles in them. The universe, the dao, god, existence...whatever you want to call it does all the work. I just happen to be in the right place at the right time and stick some needles in the person in the right places, because that is what needs to happen. Being an acupuncturist is like being a shamen that is there to lead the person into a space of balance- health.

The treatment was super simple. Massaged her sacrum, Gallbladder 21 (on the shoulders to move the qi downward) ,the feet and the spleen channel. Needled Bladder 67, Spleen 2 , Large Intestine 4. She went to sleep and in the morning labor set in. I barely slept. I kept waking up hearing noises thinking she was going into labor. I had a dream that my best friend from elementary school (Hil), grandmother was there and was going to cook for Natasha, telling me about the lebanese dishes she was making. I met Natasha's parents in the morning and had for gotten they were Lebanese.

I have a big final tomorrow so finally I left. Her parents, her partner and her partner's mother were there as well as 2 midwives ( so she has plenty of support- perhaps too much stimulation). Poor girl, her labor is taking so long because next week is finals...but not anymore. She's only 21 and trying to make it through the program I am going through. She's been taking it really slowly and now she has to take even more time off for baby. Luckily her partner is 30 and has more time to put in to baby in the later years if she continues with school. I couldn't help but feel my presence was effecting her a little reminding her of school, and how she has to take time off from the program.

Birth is amazing... I was reminded of Israel (and all my friends with babies). I understood why rabbi's encourage people to have babies. It makes you want to be a good person, it makes you want to make life the best you can possible make it, because you lifestyle isn't for stinky old you..it's for baby, for a brand new unscathed being. It makes one sensitive delicate, responsive to baby. I can see how schooling and no babies or babies late in life effect society, consciousness, habits. I was reminded that I don't want to have a baby here in the US ( I don't think). That this society is not what I want to hand over to another being. This set of social circumstances.

I was also reminded that life is an unfolding process, that builds on itself like a flower blooming. maintaining fluidity, momentum of intention and action, being present in the moment is so important. and yet life is rapid, it waits for no one.

yeah, i just got schooled by life.

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humm dee dum...doo diddy doo

Dec. 8th, 2004 | 05:41 pm
mood: chill
music: telfon tel aviv, my trax

2 finals down, 3 to go.
points final next...having a visual memory for that class rocks. I can't believe I know all the acupuncture points already. school is going by fast.
Pharmacology final is a bit menacing. Medical qi gong chill.

had to ride my bike around in the rain while my car was in the shop. mmmm....rain. soggy happiness.
got my car back from my mechanic- $245 worth of work that don't have to pay for...sort of. he just got diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, so I will give him herbs, treatments etc. in exchange. he is the coolest mechanic ever, really nice
6 ' 4" native american- total shaman.

looks like I'll be moving into a house with 5 other moontribe healing artistic women. yeah!

saw my friend Natasha (another moontribe mama) today @ the clinic getting a treatment to induce labor. whoa babies! beautiful, intense... the danger of being healthy is being really fertile. so many women @ my school get pregnant.

hmmm... what will I do for vacation? lot's of options. lot's of stchuff to accomplish. what are my priorities?
...going to try "golden mean" scheduling. my friend who is an exercise physiologist wrote a book/devised a method for optimizing potential on a certain day according to the golden mean: suppose I'll schedule my vacation so that mid cumulative exams hit on the optimal day according to his method. we'll see how it goes.

back to an ocean of books...

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Dec. 6th, 2004 | 03:47 pm

...just finished my herbs final, all grey matter previously occupying my cranium has been usurped by herbology. But I've learned if you have dysentery or chronic diarrhea you can make tea with Yin Su Ke- Opium to astringe it...it will astringe a few other things as well (tee-hee). why did i take so many units? Just 2 weeks left until vacation...pseudo vacation still have to take my mid-cumulative exam @ the end...so I'll still be studying.which means I am half way done with school.
luckily next semester I only go to class 3 days a week.
But I will be in formulas- which is triple the obscene memorizatrion of herbs. Being that I have been working for myself for 5 or so years now,and not working much the last year, I 've realized I have no where near the amount of discipline necessary to keep up with all the stuff I want to accomplish - hence I am joining Aikido to inspire me to be more anal retentive. hmmm... we'll see how it goes. Starts Jan 4th.

This healing journey thing is going pretty well. I've pretty much cleared out the superficial illness, and am working on structural stuff. I've also realized I have more emotional constraint that I had thought I dealt with, but didn't. I did another seminar with Avi Magidoff on Japanese technique. That shit's crazy yo'! You palpate a patients abdomen, feel their organs, throw 50% of regular acupuncture theory in the trash and use distal points on the ankle/wrists to fix abdominal "blockages". In a matter of seconds you are moving out blockages from childhood trauma and melting knots on a persons back that have been there for 20 years. often times it's more info. than you really want to know about the person. In fact acupuncture in general is like that. My friend Troy and I used to make a game of facial diagnosis and when we were in line @ the grocery store...and whisper to each other about the pathologies people have. It makes walking through crowds difficult sometimes: sometimes you want to help someone, but it would be socially awkward to walk up to them and tell them you can help their cirrhotic liver. sometimes you just don't want to know. ignorance is bliss.

Off to Medcial Qi Gong - where we get to practice our "jedi knight" skills. as a very sleepy bear.

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(no subject)

Nov. 30th, 2004 | 07:28 am

delicate amber rays of warm compassion trickle ...a map of what is effortless...
seeping through an emerald canopy softly undulating and respirating, the infinite language of silence.
awakening heart, lotus petals peeling back to reveal ancient elfin healing technology,
to reveal the immortal wisdom of existence...

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happy thoughts

Nov. 11th, 2004 | 12:27 am
mood: happyhappy
music: Aes Dana

Today the world is brand new :) Maybe it's the rain...or my school, or attending synergenesis (www.synergensis.com)this weekend, but somehow my heart feels free happy and open again. I had gotten a little stagnant between a plague of dreams I had been having over the past year, and being detached from my old sense of community. Finally that cycle has karma has been laundered... well, mostly.

Going to San Francisco tomorrow, Chinatown specifically with my classmates to bargin for herbs and wreek a little havoc on the city. I go to the city too much...despite the fact that I am taking a huge load of classes, I feel as though I am not. I am going to hang out with Rich, Maer and Maer's wife. Yeah! Maer runs the internet radio program DuBeautifulCollective, and is going to hook me up with lots o'music! yeah music, what is life with out it? And Reaktor 4 is coming! I've been playing with a glitchy cracked version and now I get to really play with making music. ...ok, I don't really have time currently with my Mid-Cumulative Exams coming up, but this summer I will probably have time when I am working in the hospitals in China, and there are no interesting parties or things to do.

On a suckier note...I have to move. Cous emek! (and other arabic curses) I have come to terms with the fact that I am a nomad, even if I am obligated to reside in a particular location for awhile. *sigh* so much wasted time and energy moving. my housemate wants his girlfriend to move in, and I can't say I wouldn't want to do the same in his position, however considering I have such a big exam coming up shortly he is a schmooo. thbbpppt on him. do-do-do, back to errandy schtuff.

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