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cosmik existence...

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Dec. 9th, 2004 | 04:33 pm
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what an epic day...
while studying last night I was listening to the internet radio station dublab...which plays dub (right?) and bob dylan came on. as you could imagine I was taken a back for a moment...'bob dylan? where's my gitchy melodic idm-dub- ambient yumminess?'. The track was "Mr. Jones", which of course reminded me of Dahi - the dr. I interned with - because he was Bob Dylan's Dr. on the road for 10 plus years. When I first started interning with him he asked me what I thought of Bob Dylan and said something like," I think he is an amazing being...that probably has some liver problems and seems pretty depressed." He chuckled because I was right, and began to yodel that song of his 'Mr. Jones', I joined in...and it became a running joke for awhile.

so...short story long, I called Dahi due to this oddity. Dahi always knows how to make a person feel good. It was cool to chat about acupuncture stuff...i can tell he is happy about how I am coming along in my healing/healer process. He said he'll be in town soon because his son is going to UCSC for physics. Then he mentioned (to my surprise) Natasha hadn't gone into labor yet and the treatment she had was limited... Basically she chose the wrong Dr. Instead of going to Sharon who is an OBGYN M.D./ Acupuncturist (where she would have had 5 + students standing over her) she went to someone who had never dealt with pre-natal conditions (but had no students): she only massaged Spleen 6!

So I called Natasha to make sure she was ok, and she asked me to come over and give her a treatment to induce labor or else her parents were going to demand that she go to the hospital to have labor induced chemically. Her heart is set on having a home delivery with her midwives, and I know how do it, so how could I deny helping? I was so stoked to help! everything seemed so divine...she is super hard to get a hold of. How could I know she was going into labor unless I had run into her in the halls @ school? How could I know she hadn't gone into labor unless Dylan had randomly come on the radio? How could I have the confidence that my treatment would be effective unless I had talked to Dahi about it first? I felt like I had no choice in helping her...like it was predetermined...necessary. And the more "i" give people treatments the more I realize I don't do anything. The person heals them self, I just stick some needles in them. The universe, the dao, god, existence...whatever you want to call it does all the work. I just happen to be in the right place at the right time and stick some needles in the person in the right places, because that is what needs to happen. Being an acupuncturist is like being a shamen that is there to lead the person into a space of balance- health.

The treatment was super simple. Massaged her sacrum, Gallbladder 21 (on the shoulders to move the qi downward) ,the feet and the spleen channel. Needled Bladder 67, Spleen 2 , Large Intestine 4. She went to sleep and in the morning labor set in. I barely slept. I kept waking up hearing noises thinking she was going into labor. I had a dream that my best friend from elementary school (Hil), grandmother was there and was going to cook for Natasha, telling me about the lebanese dishes she was making. I met Natasha's parents in the morning and had for gotten they were Lebanese.

I have a big final tomorrow so finally I left. Her parents, her partner and her partner's mother were there as well as 2 midwives ( so she has plenty of support- perhaps too much stimulation). Poor girl, her labor is taking so long because next week is finals...but not anymore. She's only 21 and trying to make it through the program I am going through. She's been taking it really slowly and now she has to take even more time off for baby. Luckily her partner is 30 and has more time to put in to baby in the later years if she continues with school. I couldn't help but feel my presence was effecting her a little reminding her of school, and how she has to take time off from the program.

Birth is amazing... I was reminded of Israel (and all my friends with babies). I understood why rabbi's encourage people to have babies. It makes you want to be a good person, it makes you want to make life the best you can possible make it, because you lifestyle isn't for stinky old you..it's for baby, for a brand new unscathed being. It makes one sensitive delicate, responsive to baby. I can see how schooling and no babies or babies late in life effect society, consciousness, habits. I was reminded that I don't want to have a baby here in the US ( I don't think). That this society is not what I want to hand over to another being. This set of social circumstances.

I was also reminded that life is an unfolding process, that builds on itself like a flower blooming. maintaining fluidity, momentum of intention and action, being present in the moment is so important. and yet life is rapid, it waits for no one.

yeah, i just got schooled by life.

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