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May. 9th, 2005 | 08:48 pm
mood: calmcalm
music: random live performances

Returning to live journal entries...travels commence again. This Thurs. I go to Hawaii with my Mommy, Erin, and Colin among other friends for Colin's wedding. woo-woo! It will be my first time in Hawaii. However, I will be postponing a Final for the journey...luckily I live in Santa Cruz, so no one minds postponement much.

After finals I go to the mind states conference- mindstates.org , get my remaining wisdom teeth yanked and the next Mon. - June 6th head for Hangzhou, China. I will be interning in the hospital, ten hour days, ten patients an hour! Weekend trips to ShangHai, surrounding islands, Huang Shan and more to be later detailed. I'll be meeting up with Miss Harmony and her honey Wila then traveling on to Lhasa, Tibet...with a group there for 2 weeks and then on my own with Miss (ducky) Alex for another 10 days or so...we may hit up Nepal or Bhutan as well. mmmm...life is delicious.

Fong_Argh says I should make an "Angi flag" and stick it in the ground where I travel. I just bring acupuncture needles and stick them in people instead. heh.

currently chillin' with fong and listening to a poetry reading.

My pappy came to visit from S.D. this Fri. on his way to Oregon to see the siblings. Gave me a ride to Davis...went to the whole earth festival with Hil - my friend since the 2nd grade. 17 years of friendship...crazy how parallel we are after all these years. It was fun to play with her 4 1/2 year old-so cute! he's not very good birth control. yes...if I weren't such a gypsy I too would give in to the nesting instinct. More countries to cover before seriously considering such preposterous endeavors.

Saw SeaBrook Leaf who rode back with me on the train: bits of drama @ the festival...but somehow avoided drama unscathed. Brook has offered to visit me in China... I lead a very strange life indeed.

I really should put some new pics up...

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