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Sep. 13th, 2004 | 11:34 pm
mood: groggygroggy
music: ambienism... 01

Had a 12 hour day yesterday. Learned about how donkey skin is a Chinese "herb", and that Chinese people think we are cruel/weird for eating cows because they work so hard for us. But donkeys, donkeys are ok.
Had a dragonfly follow me around class.
In medical qi gong I learned from Dennis, who studied qi gong in labs/is an exercise physiologist that the 10th Cranial Nerve-Vagus innervates the anal sphincter and controls the sinoatrial- parasympathetic node of the heart...so if you hit someone in the anus hard enough you'll stop their heart. ;) just a little bizarre trivia. I think i just need a good swift kick in the pants to slow down my heart rate.

Kung Fu was canceled. I think I may need to find a new Dojo. Thinking Aikido this time, maybe jujitsu... need to look around.

Have pharmacology tonight...I fucking love that class! The professor is perhaps the coolest teacher I have ever had: totally brilliant, hilarious, down to earth, he gets so into teaching that he rolls around on the chalk board and is covered in chalk by the end of class, plus all we talk about are drugs and how they effect the body... It's really nice to discuss drugs in an academic environment and really analyze how dangerous certain drugs may or may not be.

ugggg... more work to do. now I remember why I ran away to Portugal before the semester really got started. Hooray for earthdance this weekend! still need someone to kick me in the pants.

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Sep. 12th, 2004 | 01:14 pm
mood: mellowmellow
music: wind rustling bamboo trees and birds

hello hello

fall is a time of new beginnings, and many new things have transpired recently: thought I might return to live journal.

highlights of the past 5 months have been:

moved from moldy beach house

went to Japan and frolicked

helped my Mom in So.Cal

found a new home!!! (this is really big one, becuase I have always felt where I lived was temporary, and merely a domicile, rather than a home. Now I have an organic garden, surrounded by bamboo. My place is sweet, Japanese style with Shoji/rice paper doors, and my housemate is one of the more balanced sentient humans I have yet to encounter on the planet. We go to school together so we can study, and he is in love so no worries about the mojo-flowflow.)

traveled to Spain and Portugal for the BOOM festival. my frog the music!~

...have mellowed/healed. In fact I have gotten further in my healing journey than I dreamed possible...granted I still have a long way to go, I have begun to understand how to heal my hip dysplecia and prevent passing it on to my children. (Chong Mai treatments). As a result I am less hyper, less interested in partying and being social. In fact the past year has been a bit of a break down process. In TCM-traditional chinese medicine theory you must clear before you can tonify, i.e. you have to take stuff out of your refrigerator before you can scrub it clean, and put stuff back in it (ok so that analogy isn't optimal, but it roughly works). I've been cleaning my proverbial fridge lately.

I have become more finicaly stable and therefore much less stressed.

I have also written about 12 songs on guitar and 6 songs on the piano, plus a bunch of electronic experimentation in composition and theory. I don't know as much as I would like to about software yet but...le'at le'at = slowly slowly.

I have a lot more patience. I realize that virtually all of my endeavors are cultivation processes that will improve with time (languages, martial arts TCM music art) and as long as I stay consistent they will continue to develop. I'm not in a hurry to produce art or music.I realize when I am done with school I will have a solid monetary basis so that i can produce music and art leisurely. Also with taking 24 units a semester, it's pretty silly for me to think I will have the time required to make as much music/art as i would like.

So...this year will be another year of cultivation and progression. I'm looking forward to continuing my healing journey, networking with people (especially a strong female community), learning about music and healing sounds/acutonics, growing organic yummies in the garden, cultivating qi/martial arts, painting, and traveling.
This coming year I'll be in Hawaii for Colin (Erin's bro's) wedding and in the summer I will be working in the hospitals in China, and traveling on to Tibet (possibly Nepal too). mmmmmmm...Tibet.

I think it is best that i use LJ more so when I am 80 I can remember more clearly what Tibet was like, and so that my friends can here about/check out pics. Being that I have a laptop and wireless network @ my lily pad, this will be much easier than previously.


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Apr. 17th, 2004 | 03:25 pm

And so I return... again...

well so much has transpired since my last entry it is impossible to try to sum it all up.

Simply put I am growing leaps and bounds (along with other cliques) in Santa Cruz on multiple levels. I am learning about health, energy work/moving qi, training in Shaolin Kung Fu, part of an excellent community, writing music and blossoming into the person I want to be more and more everyday...(not that I am unhappy with who I am.) Oh! and the weather is a nice relief from So. Cal. desert.
It is everything I hoped it would be and more.

Now where do I practice once I graduate? eek! I'll think about that one later.

So you should all check out. www.guerrillanews.com
especially the video news portion! great beats with raw editing about real news subjects. And the DVD "Ammo for the Info- Warrior" is a must see.

I watched "Ammo" with my friend Tai the other night...another lovely being at my school.

I am excited to be back @ home after 6 weeks of being in between homes (staying with Tai and Shannon-Leigh etc. in Felton). I am not so fond of looking for another location/moving again...but mold in Santa Cruz is a major problem being that the pioneers that built Santa Cruz 200 years ago were only thinking about being close to a water source and not about the actual topography of the land. All the Native American laughed at the white people when they built homes in the moldy parts of SC...stupid white people (tee-hee:)

So now I have space to return to my many projects :) ! woo-hoo! and prepare for the future...

welly, well... off to ride my bike around town. Santa Cruz style Baby! who needs a car unless they are going to a party up in the city (SF)

peace and beats

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Jul. 22nd, 2003 | 10:44 am
mood: sleepysleepy
music: Alien Project vs. Raja Ram...Tori Venus

I am sure everyone her wants to know about my dreams...hehe
So I don't remember my dreams last night at the moment, just what they felt like...some wafting ambiance. I do remember however my dreams from the night before last. I dreamed about a house in some far off place (like santa cruz where I will probably move) and this old dusty wooden house was really cool at first, until a bunch of crazy cats filled it up. So I left on adventure through Tzefat where I used to live in Israel (which is generally analogous to the Santa Cruz of Israel) and upon my return the cats where dead...hundreds of them (lovely I know) and it gets worse.. some where rotted and moldy as thought their were a few months worth of decay/mold. I was disgusted to say the least and left again. upon my return later the house was cleared and able to be a "brand new house", not dusty or dilapidated. There were more adventures but I care not to elucidate and prefer to shower and get on with my day.

I had a cool weekend...went to a little throw down that Orence threw and then the Woodley Park party...which was beautiful.

So I should be moving up to Santa Cruz...it seems as though it is not worth it to osscilate programs(acupuncture). It is really annoying that I was so sure I was going to stay in San Diego for a bit(6 months), but have now realized it isn't worth it to stay here. It practically triples my work load. Luckily Acupunctures Schools are so open/flexible that I can switch at the last moment if I choose to do so. I am about 98% sure that I will be up there though.

There is something about acupuncture school that feels sort of monastic/like an ashram. There is something to be said for institutions that are based on self improvement. I think my whole life has been looking for a temple to live in/dedicate myself to. From Martial Arts with Grandmaster to Yeshiva in Israel...now Acupuncture School. If I were more awake I would express my excitement about going. It is also exciting to be going into a school where it is so clear cut what I will due: I am learning a skill/profession and do not have to worry about getting hired after school, I just need to maintain social relations and begin a practice where I service the public.

But saving money on rent would be keen. My Father offered to let me stay here for the entire porgram (3+ years), but I explained how 5 Branches will make me a better Doctor because of their pass rates on board exams, and the fact that you immediately work on patients in clinical rounds etc. while at the other schools you wait until 3rd year. He seemed a bit dissapointed. Personally I think he would simply rather help me out financially by covering rent (since he has already invested in this big house)then by helping out with school which he hasn't agreed to yet. A 5 bedroom house with all the enmities one could ask for on the beach is pretty sweet when I am used to living much more minamily, but it isn't "home"...the redwoods however are home.

I go up next week to look for a place in Santa Cruz. I want to go on vacation out of the country! But I do not know if I will have time. Double grrr.rrr. Simply because I have so many stinky stuffages to take care of with getting my biz together (well that's not so stinky) and my Granfathers estate and school, finding a new lillypad, a car accident. Blah blah blah. Priotites stink somtimes. I've had plenty-o-fun though despite the things to take care...there is something about being in unfamilar territory that is so refreshing though. It is like being child again rapidly creating new neural connections to asses a new surroundings. I'm talking/writing a lot but I'm not saying anything.

over and out

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back already...

Jul. 18th, 2003 | 02:14 am

so I should record my dreams on here because I can....

So I've been chatting on slsk.org becuase there is lots of good music to download and a dope international community. I will explain

So I dreamt I was in forgeign land.. at aa psy-party I believe...outdoor... and there was this Isreali boy there with brown hair and blue/green eye that reminded me of my friend Sun (who has forgotten all of his Hebrew, so it could really be him despite the fact that it was a dream) >So in the dream we were speaking Hebrew, and I felt like I had always known him and I turned in to a balck kitten that he was holding...until I turned into a human and it was akward, but in an amusing manner. So then I was left out in the cold/wilderness all alone and a bunch of dogs that jumped on top of me to keep me warm (probably my blamket). So there were other adventures thereafter where I traveled places in a Mansion and water was in the house.... wow it so freaking easy to psycho analyze dreams as soon as you write them down.. you can figure it out for yourself, if you are reading this.

so this person I have been chatting with in the psy room is from Isreal... he sent me a pic after the dream and I relaiezed the dream was about him... I think. I have never dream about someone that I have only cyberlymet. The oddest part about this dream was that it was uber intense...and when I woke up I couldn't shake it from my brain.

Recently my parents went out of town and I had the house all to my self :) awww yeah.. Johhny And I went to TJ (only and hour away) and got water bottles ;). I was a big relief to get out of the US for a bit...nice to see the houses built on top of the hills instead of carved into the hills, psychedelic colored varios, naked women on bilboards. I got to bargin in Spainish too. I love how they never think I speak Spanish because I am a white girl and freak out when I do. hee-hee. I can still bargain like an Israeli...I was going to buy an guitar but it was so aweful in pitch that I changed my mind.

My friend Vikram came over and went boarding, he caught his first wave,it was funny. I taught him Yoga...and he is freaking Brahaman from India that lived there until he was 26 and I taught him Yoga for the first time...it was an honor indeed. We made dope indian food and I gave him an Acupuncture treatment...that was super funny too being that he is afraid of needles. He obserevd me stick a needle into my stomach 36 point which is between the tibia and fibula slightly inferior to the patella (kneecap). Being that it is in an interoseous point you can penetrate really deeply, so I put a needle in about 2 inches deep and he started running in circles and screaming. hee-hee :) so I just poked him in the ear...auricular points are generally painless. I he didn't feel it when I stuck him...
I learned never to show an uncertain patient how deeply one can penitrate the body until they physiologically understand it is isn't painful. No amount of explanation will keep a person unexposed to Acupuncture from perceiving "pain" from such a situation.
He calls me Angi-G, like Baba-G. And wants me to apprentice with his 98 year old Aryevedic Dr./baba GrandFather in Breadaven India. I am so down. I will definately go there when I am further along/finished with Acupuncture School and kick it for 6 months or so.
And then Monk popped over and we had some Divine Monments of Truth if you know what I mean.... man I have been wanting that for awhlie so I was uber elated when it fell in my lap/manifested. It was little akward though because of Monk...well Monk may be a Monk but he is still a boy... and when you are open to the universe, girls are better/moreo comforting subconsciously.

I think I need to make it my full time job to hang out with people and frollic instead of work. Wait that's what henna was..and that is what Acupuncture will be, to one degree or another...I'll just be frollicing in a different way. There aren't enough hours in the day to frollic and acomplish things, unless you do both at the same time.
ok I'm done babbling for now. sleepytime :)

>^..^< meow

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droped off the face of livejournal

Jul. 18th, 2003 | 01:18 am

so I am back on live journal...in theory
I took 19 units last semester and I thought the live journal was, well, perhaps not the best time investment. I wasn't going to take so many units, but then I took Chinese. And I was going to take it pass/fail...but then I kept getting A's on all of my exams without studying much so, well...I took it. And it was the bomb indeed, despite the fact that it was a time vacuum.

So I am enjoying my summer here at my Pappy's in Carlsbad. I've been painting lot, decieding to expand my business to what I prefer to do. I have about 50 pieces already...
I am almost ready for a show. I wish I had an infinite amount of supplies I would produce much faster then. Painting is costly, but if I sell all my pieces at 500 bucks a piece it wil lbe pretty lucrative and time effective. I just need someone to sell my art for me, and to make prints in the future.

So I have been spending all my time painting, when I should be traveling. Tentatively I still plan on going to Mexico City down to Belize (or possibly Thaliland...I can't deciede if it will be worth it $-wise..., but I am saving money being here at my Pappy's...is it obvious that I am trying to talk myself into blowing the cash?).

So I am excited to start Acupuncture School in the Fall. I haven't officaly decided if I want to stay in San Diego for a semester or not to save $. It is kind of boring here...I had forgotten how comforting it is to be in Venice where freakdom is the norm. So I will decide this week where I am going next semester (although SAnta Cruz is the ultimate goal), and then I will decide if I go to Thailand and have some painting shows when I come back (I have the hook-ups in LA).

So today...it was funny I was doing this cyborganic piece with electronic parts straping them and nailing them to a naked blue girl (paiting of course). And this woman that is in the industrial complex I am painting in drives by and starts bugging me about my work. I wasn't really in the mood to be social, painting induced introversion. She was an interior designer and started raving about how the piece was HOT and how she wanted my card. I showed her some portraits I did of Bjork and stuff, thinking they were a better display of my work/talent and she just shrugged her shoulders and started gabbing about the cyborganic piece.

Immediately thereafter my father walks back into the warehouse and says, "...so do u really think anybody is gonna buy that stufff with all those circuit boards everywhere...you should go back to doing portraits." I explained how someone just wanted to get a piece that drove by and he laughed telling me it was like the art he thought was "pathetic art" when he dated an art professor at a University and they would go to shows where people used a shoelace and coat hanger to make art. I reminded him that he doesn't know anything about art. LAter he came back and saw me working on another piece and asked what it was about....that was his way of appologizing. There is a reason I didn't grow up around my Father. Gotta love him though, he is half of my DNA.

Anybody have any art marketing tips? I've done the Faire gigs, I want to go back to doing Musuems. What I really need is a rich famous person to buy one of my paintings and make everyone else buy one too so the value of my paintings increase. What I really need to do is stop babbling about things people don't care about or want to read on live journal.

well I guess I am back on.. we'll see how long it lasts this time

I should just put up quotes and political commentary like the other web monkies...

over and out

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Feb. 25th, 2003 | 02:05 pm

MOnkies! Monkies! Monk-eeeee...
The best thing about live journal is that I can have stream of consciousness babble without any heed to grammer...just the way I like it...becuase it's MINE ALL MINE I SAY!
continuing on the misadventures of Angi, and posting live journally-ness
Life is goooood... even when it's not good, it's still freaking awesome if you ask me.
Over the past month I have been skateboarding much... and I am getting hooked-up with a uberdope custom art board made by my friend Dewitt this month. Lot's of Yoga too...a bit lackadaisical on the Tai Chi though, because I have been tight on funds due to the whole Danny thing...

Yeah, other highlights of the month are hanging with the Venetian Tribe, and R&V's XXX-dressed Valentines Day party...it turned into a blatant ORGY. It was like watching a car crash, beautiful and horrifying at the same time... people (clusters of them) were getting it on, on the kitchen table...
Painting and other creative venues have been abundant. And spinning spinning spinning... I am amusic-a-holioc. Yeah if my movie sells I am definitely going to get turntables.. yeah defiantly turntables turntables are good (*rainman-esc voiceover*)
If I didn't want to be a doctor so badly, I would jump in to the deep-end of playing and producing/making music.... but after I am a Doctor, I can make time to do so and have a line of work is not only awesome karmically and good for the planet...but dependable(woo-woo!). (I.e. if I don't want to go into practice for myself I can work for the state or hospitals)I love spinning but it is a time vortex...arghhhh

Back in school now. I dig all of my classes Physics, advanced Chem, Chinese and Physiology. The professors are generally pretty mediocre, but seem like easy A's. Well except for my Chinese Prof., which I might take credit/no credit. In fact he literally said, and I quote, "yeah, I don't really give A's. If you don't need the class you should probably take it credit/no credit." I am one of 3 non-Asians in class of 60 or so... it's pretty funny. There are a lot of cute Japanese Guys though :)

On a sad-ish note, my Grandpapa was in the hospital (how I spent Valentines Day), and is now in a rest home (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! stinky rest homes!) I am considering moving in to his place to take care of him which would not be conducive to school or bizz-nezzz,however it would be the right thing to do. He probably "won't hear of it", and will stay in the resthome. resthomes are icchhhhsa!(yucky)
Also, I can't find my kitty-meow-meow Smokey :( (WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *sniff*sniff*)
I moved him to Venice last week and he's been gone a week now... He's sixteen and I love him soo much. This is a very very sad thing that I am trying not to worry about and hoping that he was merely gaffeled by an unsuspecting neighbor. I am putting up flyers for him this week around town. Please universe, let him come back home...

On a happier note Purim is coming! The best holiday EVER!! in the whole entire universe, (to the infinite power of infinity)! So it is on March 18th and Tues. And Mr. Petey Corn said that I can have a Purim party at Club Sugar... So I have to make flyers n'stuff. I think am going to print these really dope coloring books too. And free beer or somesuch with a costume. (even though I am not an alcohol fan it is the sentiment that counts)
For those of you who don't know, Purim is the holiday that you dress up all crazy (but necessarily scary like on Halloween) and you have to get inebrated :) yah! You must get buzzed to the point of not knowing that the good guy of the story that Purim is based on is blessed and that the bad guy is cursed... You must get buzzed to the point of realizing that it is all good ;) that it is all from God, and in the end judging things as "good/bad" etc all the time is ultimately futile. It so fun! The philosophy is something like, " hey we all know we like to get drunk(etc) once in awhile, so instead of being a religion that pretends not to do it, let's do it all together with the intentions of holiness. When I in Israel on Purim we got drunk with our Rabbi's and they went off on Torah secrets. It is so dope to see little kids in big furry costumes walking down the street in ancient Jerusalem... it is the ultimate raver holiday. ("raver" tee-hee the word sounds so obtuse at this point)

hopefully I'll do this LJ thing regualrly-ish again

bye bye

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(no subject)

Jan. 15th, 2003 | 08:07 pm

hey, this is turning in to a little ritual, ducking in to the computer lab and writing in my journal...and when I have more than 15 min to write something it will kick much butt.

So DAnny(boss-like person) is a goob-goob-gooober-monger, and has lost my trust; which considering my genetic propensity for child-like behavior, naivety and unconditional love is quite a feat. So his "girlfriend" is out of his place and he is lonely/ill, and in theory now ready to work now. hmmmm... whateveer happens I don't plan on him being my sole form of income.

so the universe trudges on in it's ironically perfect yet incomplete trajectory toward perfection.

Hung with the Kevin last night... and the Lisa-Jay and the Lady.M... silly silly silliness...dancing and spinning music. Kevin layed down some tracks (he's a producer), and lady M sang. They tried to talk me into singing too, but I was a shy one.

too much playing though... I have a big test tomorrrow... how unusual.

oddly my Dad called me yesterday and wanted to know if I was O.k. b/c he had dream about me. I said yes, and it took awhile for hit to tell me what the dream was, but eventually he admitted he dreamed that I died and everyone was looking in my coffin attending my funeral. Granted that I spoke to the him the day before the dream could reflect the former conversation. However I was up late last night and thinking about my Papa-dapolis... perhaps he keyed in on my thoughts? dunno. In addition it was the anniversary of his Mother's birthday, whom i never met, but have always felt connected to. On that day a few years ago when my Papa went to Israel he dreamed she came to visit him in Israel. hmmm... My Father is an electrical engineer and not one to contemplate the esoteric or super-natural publicly, so him sharing this with me was progressive. what it all means I am not really sure. but it is on mental file for further investigation.

The Ben , my super mellow roomate from Detroit in now my former roommate from Detroit, so it is just me and Brett. He'll be a-round. Didn't start my formula yet, I'll start it after the test.

Saw the Saskia/baby Isis and the Melinda too =) Baby Isis is sooo beautiful... And also scary... not like frightening scary, more like shocking, cold water in the face kinda scary. For you see babies are da bomb(i.e. I want one)...however I am so not ready for one... and it makes me think what am i doing with my life? when will I be ready? will i ever be? dunno, don't care I have an exam...
case in point

k, hamster wheel time

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jo mama

Jan. 14th, 2003 | 08:05 pm

bum ba dum dum dum... do-do do-do doo doood dooooo
hmmm... i am on break from class and the fire alarm is going off
but it's in another building...
today I slept virtually all day aaahhggggghhhhh...*drool* =)
I have an exam on Thurs that I need to study for, a bit behind on homework am i yes hmmmmummm (yoda)and in theory I am going to Sf this weekend for the NO war protest. abit ambivelant about the protest being futile, however the experience and info. should be inspirational at the very least.

... but i am a bit short on the cash flow


so...I still have a baby mouse-ling stuck in my car. Troy's snake didn't eat the last mouse and being that he is moving he gave it to me. I couldn't get her out of my car last night so she is still there.

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smurfity smurf smurf

Jan. 13th, 2003 | 08:19 pm

HAven't written 4 awhile...thought I should. I've been going through hell with my writing partner...or lack there of as the case may be at this point. Dunno... we have a contract and I have rights to the movie and what-not but....yess.... people that are sick with cancer and freaking out about it but not emotionally mature enough to exsress their needs sentiently are not fun... no no
and so...
I subscribe to the idea that metropolitan living has it's benefits toward semi-protoplasmic humaniods via removing them from provincial consciousness and to generally avoid being a ignorant bumpkiny-dundermuffins...however I was so bitch slapped by the metropolois traffic after going to Chinatown and dropping my friend TRoy off at central station. I even took pictures with my digital camera.... that I will post later
Chinatown with Troy was all kinds of niceness, and so was doing Tai-Chi again. T-Roy is moving up to Five Branches, the University that in all likelihood I will attend in the fall in Santa Cruz. I have a damp heat formula hapapahahpapapahappyhappyhappy! yeah! this tea will do worlds of good for my overall well being. I am uber excited
back to class I'll write more manana

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