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happy thoughts

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Nov. 11th, 2004 | 12:27 am
mood: happyhappy
music: Aes Dana

Today the world is brand new :) Maybe it's the rain...or my school, or attending synergenesis (www.synergensis.com)this weekend, but somehow my heart feels free happy and open again. I had gotten a little stagnant between a plague of dreams I had been having over the past year, and being detached from my old sense of community. Finally that cycle has karma has been laundered... well, mostly.

Going to San Francisco tomorrow, Chinatown specifically with my classmates to bargin for herbs and wreek a little havoc on the city. I go to the city too much...despite the fact that I am taking a huge load of classes, I feel as though I am not. I am going to hang out with Rich, Maer and Maer's wife. Yeah! Maer runs the internet radio program DuBeautifulCollective, and is going to hook me up with lots o'music! yeah music, what is life with out it? And Reaktor 4 is coming! I've been playing with a glitchy cracked version and now I get to really play with making music. ...ok, I don't really have time currently with my Mid-Cumulative Exams coming up, but this summer I will probably have time when I am working in the hospitals in China, and there are no interesting parties or things to do.

On a suckier note...I have to move. Cous emek! (and other arabic curses) I have come to terms with the fact that I am a nomad, even if I am obligated to reside in a particular location for awhile. *sigh* so much wasted time and energy moving. my housemate wants his girlfriend to move in, and I can't say I wouldn't want to do the same in his position, however considering I have such a big exam coming up shortly he is a schmooo. thbbpppt on him. do-do-do, back to errandy schtuff.

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