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Dec. 6th, 2004 | 03:47 pm

...just finished my herbs final, all grey matter previously occupying my cranium has been usurped by herbology. But I've learned if you have dysentery or chronic diarrhea you can make tea with Yin Su Ke- Opium to astringe it...it will astringe a few other things as well (tee-hee). why did i take so many units? Just 2 weeks left until vacation...pseudo vacation still have to take my mid-cumulative exam @ the end...so I'll still be studying.which means I am half way done with school.
luckily next semester I only go to class 3 days a week.
But I will be in formulas- which is triple the obscene memorizatrion of herbs. Being that I have been working for myself for 5 or so years now,and not working much the last year, I 've realized I have no where near the amount of discipline necessary to keep up with all the stuff I want to accomplish - hence I am joining Aikido to inspire me to be more anal retentive. hmmm... we'll see how it goes. Starts Jan 4th.

This healing journey thing is going pretty well. I've pretty much cleared out the superficial illness, and am working on structural stuff. I've also realized I have more emotional constraint that I had thought I dealt with, but didn't. I did another seminar with Avi Magidoff on Japanese technique. That shit's crazy yo'! You palpate a patients abdomen, feel their organs, throw 50% of regular acupuncture theory in the trash and use distal points on the ankle/wrists to fix abdominal "blockages". In a matter of seconds you are moving out blockages from childhood trauma and melting knots on a persons back that have been there for 20 years. often times it's more info. than you really want to know about the person. In fact acupuncture in general is like that. My friend Troy and I used to make a game of facial diagnosis and when we were in line @ the grocery store...and whisper to each other about the pathologies people have. It makes walking through crowds difficult sometimes: sometimes you want to help someone, but it would be socially awkward to walk up to them and tell them you can help their cirrhotic liver. sometimes you just don't want to know. ignorance is bliss.

Off to Medcial Qi Gong - where we get to practice our "jedi knight" skills. as a very sleepy bear.

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