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humm dee dum...doo diddy doo

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Dec. 8th, 2004 | 05:41 pm
mood: chill
music: telfon tel aviv, my trax

2 finals down, 3 to go.
points final next...having a visual memory for that class rocks. I can't believe I know all the acupuncture points already. school is going by fast.
Pharmacology final is a bit menacing. Medical qi gong chill.

had to ride my bike around in the rain while my car was in the shop. mmmm....rain. soggy happiness.
got my car back from my mechanic- $245 worth of work that don't have to pay for...sort of. he just got diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, so I will give him herbs, treatments etc. in exchange. he is the coolest mechanic ever, really nice
6 ' 4" native american- total shaman.

looks like I'll be moving into a house with 5 other moontribe healing artistic women. yeah!

saw my friend Natasha (another moontribe mama) today @ the clinic getting a treatment to induce labor. whoa babies! beautiful, intense... the danger of being healthy is being really fertile. so many women @ my school get pregnant.

hmmm... what will I do for vacation? lot's of options. lot's of stchuff to accomplish. what are my priorities?
...going to try "golden mean" scheduling. my friend who is an exercise physiologist wrote a book/devised a method for optimizing potential on a certain day according to the golden mean: suppose I'll schedule my vacation so that mid cumulative exams hit on the optimal day according to his method. we'll see how it goes.

back to an ocean of books...

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