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"hurling" through space

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Dec. 11th, 2004 | 05:26 am
mood: mellowexisting- being
music: Plaid - relics remix release

FridaY I had my points exam... on ALL the points. ggg...gghhh... sooooo many points. it was a little on the tricky side, but not bad.

Afterward, I went out to dinner with my friend troy (it was free holiday bonus dinner) @ a schmancey italian-french restuarant with paper on the tables and crayons! yeah drawing on the table and good wine! drew a crazy elf goddess creature, while listening to 2 music majors talk geeky about composition. Also found out that the cause of Parkinson's Disease is realted to injury on the cubital bone of the foot (usually @ an early age- has a lot to do with the psychology of Parkinson's patients: for more info. www.pdtreatment.com). Between too much cream sauce, too much wine, too many exams and other confounding variables I had to leave the dinner to hurl. Hurling is cool! I haven't hurled for...i dunno...years. well, hurling is only cool if you feel better afterwards, which I did..so it was. went to an art opening down the street but had to leave because drum and bass and nausea don't mix...not that d n' b really mixes with much (tee-hee ;) and.. in my nauseated state I was reminded that i'm kinda of tired of being in santa cruz...but I am here for awhile with the program I am in. Hmmm... not to complain, there are many amazing things I love about the bay area, and I am glad to be here...much prefer the flavor to that of southern Ca.; the real dissatisfaction stems from a yearning to find a place to plant my roots...a place where I want to live...and Ca. is not it. Most of my family has left Ca. and being an acupuncturist it isn't the wisest place to settle. hmmm...where to go? portland? NY? if we have Bush part III- i.e. some member of his mafia, I am so outta the U.S. ...and I 'll bring everyone I can with me.

Anyhow...went to get soup this morning and met the coolest woman. another elfin creature... she lives "off the grid", on solar power in a dome, in Soquel (south Santa Cruz). She is part of a band Tran-zen-dance that makes world/electronic music. she also makes her own clothes, adorned in an purple/black/grey sculpted patchwork elfin hoodie design of her's...planning on working out a acu-clothing trade. we discussed similar near future travel plans - Tibet Vancouver Baja, and had the same shoes. indeed our paths are very aligned.

right, so then I returned some stuff to Troy @ his job (a pet store), and was almost schisted into buying a bullfrog tadpole. What I really wanted was a treefrog, so I didn't do it. bought some new wooden plugs for my earholes because they 're getting too stretchy for the size I was @ and wood is better from a Asian Medicine perspective for my wood deficient metal excess constitution. I also got my septum pierced! I've been hankering to have another sharp object shoved in my face for awhile now, particularly on the ren channel (which runs up the anterior of the body). I speculate that by piercing it and opening it up it will reduce the redness of my face (really I need to fix my coccyx to correct it completely, but that is going to take a few years, and this a quick fix). The other option was a le'bret piercing, but I think I'd play with it too much... plus I can hide a septum piercing when I want to. The piercer was cool (with the biggest frog d*mn plugs I ever seen 2 1/4 inches!), and I am sure I will use him as a part of the research I want to do on a book I will write post graduation about piercing and acupuncture: understanding the physiology/psychobiology, via the acupuncture points that piercings correspond to and tie in tribal myths/rituals to the significance. Basically it is all various forms of self healing.

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