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May. 23rd, 2005 | 07:25 pm
mood: amusedamused

Hawai'i rocks! in fact hawai'i LAVA rocks...wear water shoes, or your feet might get cut like Erin's did.

mmmm...jungly goodness. I thought I would dislike the hot tropical weather, but it was mad brilliant: with the humidity I didn't get burnt as easily as I do in California, despite the latitude. I actually have some sort of pigment that might resemble a tan! hmmm... temporary hawai'i relocation post-grad? "working" at a fluffy resort doing facial acupuncture while my Spleen recovers from burn-out? bring brendan my kayak fishin' buddy? either way, more jungles in store for me. looking forward to traveling in south east asia and south america (eventually) even more.

The psychedelic nature was superbly lush...orchids and plumeria. Saw many "lucky" geckos which were chartreuse, with yellow spots, red tear-drop markings,electric blue highlights around their eyes and suctiony toes. First time I saw one I thought a kid had left his toy outside...until it ran away. Caught little brown phroggies too. Swam with sea turtles! so cute! algea chomping big bottom lipped old-man-faced reptilian creatures. They liked to be pet, even though it is "not allowed". Snorkled with John Webb and saw more psychdelic fishies- like the huma huma nuka nuka -a puaa'a. Hawai'ian, like Turkish, is one language I have absolutley no interest in learning. only 13 letters in the in the hawai'ian alphabet, 8 consonants and 5 vowels. hey, who needs consonants when you can grunt? one vowely-ass language... hawaiian schmack works rather well though. Erin and I oo-ooh ah-aah ugha chaka'ed it up, with apple bannanas like proper hawai'ian monkeys.

The whole journey I just wanted to trip in the jungle, but the parental units wanted to go shopping. ugh!...@ a certain point in time it was the family vacation I never had. However, it was really satisfing to travel with my Mom, finally. The first time we have ever made a large journey, and now she is inspired to take care of her health problems so she can travel more.
The familyness was very heart warming: I henna-ed the bride and some brides maids, while Ingrid took photos. The wedding was very artistic, well directed...brides maids in teal dresses against the teal Hawai'ian waters. The bride and groom dancing on the lava rocks with the sunseting behind them, a fallen driftwood tree and tropical foilage all around. Can't wait to have pictures sent to me and posted. The preperation for the ceremony was inspirationaly chill (with rounds of kava! hooray for parasympathetic stimulating herbs), and the cermony itself moving. The beautiful bride cried and everyone sighed, but when the groom started crying nearly everyone there broke down. It was the first time I have ever gotten snively @ a wedding, but Colin is my (seroget) little brother after all.

hmmm...did other typical Hawai'iny stuff like a volcano view plane ride, stayed in a time share, hung out nekkid often, went to a Lua'au and ate ono! mmm...ono. Saw polynesian/hawai'in/samoan dancing and became aware how influenced burning man has been by the island cultcha': poi, fire dancing, spinning, eating etc.

Being on an island is very BLUE- blue sky, blue water, watery mellow people...it was the first tropical non-land locked experience I have had thus far. I dig it.

I have my ticket for China, and Tibet...which is frighteningly soon. June 6th.
well, back to being pummeled by finals. 2 down, 4 to go. Made a lot of typos-letter omissions this entry, but I'm a lazy schmmo that has finals. toodles

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